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About Empathy Soul Project

Nenad Radaković, a long-term activist in the field of the music demo scene. Since 2011, when he founded the band “Empathy Soul Project”, he has been advocating for music within the author’s framework and the authenticity of the entire musical performance.

Numerous competitive participations enabled him to gain insight into all the aggravating circumstances that young non-established bands face. Nenad’s endless persistence and great musical inspirations enabled him to overcome the struggle that generations of new music artists face in our area. Inspiration as a guide and vision as the main chapter of a musical idea, for years they have been leading his great band through steep ascents.

The band started its competitive beginnings in 2012, by participating in the series “Live shot” organized by the Novi Sad television company “Kanal 9”, which awarded them the title of the best band. The following year, the band finished their first album “Pyrrhic Victory” in the Belgrade studio Sky, as a combination of post-punk, psychedelia and alternatives.

In 2016, the “Empathy Soul Project” won second place in the finals of the Bunt Festival, in a competition of 180 bands. After this motivational victory, the band, with the wholehearted efforts of Mrs. Branka Glavonjić, the author of the festival, performed throughout the country and the region: at the “Arsenal Fest” in Kragujevac, “Exit Festival” in Novi Sad, “Bedem Fest” in Nikšić, “Beer Fest” in Belgrade and the Rock Village event in Sokolac.

In the same year, the band participated in the music show “Three colors of sound” on the second channel of the Serbian Radio and Television. This music series, recognizable by quality rock, pop, rap, electronic, reggae, jazz and blues music, enabled the band to leave a great impression, with a recognizable and passionate gig.

In 2017, the Empathy Soul Project found itself on a compilation of fifteen different performers, who were selected as part of the project “Influences – the influences of British music in Serbia”. The album was released by the Novi Sad SKC and it contains songs of British music from different epochs, which were processed, recorded and arranged by bands from Serbia. As part of the program marking the 180th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Great Britain and Serbia, the band chose a cover of the duet P.J. Harvey and Thoma York’s “This Mess Were in”, from her “pop” album “Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea”.

In 2019, the Association of Jazz, Pop and Rock Musicians of Serbia “GODUM” released a CD called “New Forces”, which also included the song “Killin ‘The Muse”.

We can say that this talented music creator has grown over the years into a self-taught music magician who successfully writes songs in English, composes and plays guitar, and above all, presents his band in the best way. For the needs of musical creativity, he successfully uses the most modern programs and technological innovations in the music industry, which has influenced him to enter more and more independent music projects in the last few years. In addition to passionate live performances, today he is increasingly challenged by productions that combine electronics, noise rock, dream pop, shoegazing.

He is the founder of the site “Digitalno Pero”, within which he implemented his rich experience in media activities and marketing.