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Nenad Radaković

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New VIDEO - Killin' the muse

RTS – A part of the Interview with the band

– The first thing you will surely notice is the dynamism, otherwise we would not have described our performance ourselves. In fact, everyone involved in this music video, contributed to the best presentation of our inexhaustible energy and joy, which we feel every time we go on stage, as well as the strong message of the song…. and the light scenes in the video, only completed this creative story – says Nenad Radaković, the founder of the band and a longtime activist in the field of music demo scene.

The music video for the song “Killin ‘the Muse” was recorded at the Millennium Center in Vršac. The authors of the video are Branka Glavonjić and Marko Đukić (RTS and Sokoj) also supported the realization of the video.

In addition to Nenad, the video also features Rade Radojčić, bassist, a member of the band Empathy soul project since its founding.

– Apart from the fact that we have remained consistent with music research and training for all these years, Rade and I have gone through many professional challenges -; says Radaković and believes: – in that sense, we have permanently weaved friendship in this video, and with its final realization we have rounded off our musical story in the best possible way in connection with the first album “Pyrrhic Victory” (which includes the song “Killin ‘the Muse ”)…

The authenticity of his entire musical performance, Empathy Soul Project showed back in 2016 when he won second place in the finals of the Bunt Rock Festival, in a competition of 180 bands. Previously (in 2012), organized by the Novi Sad television company Kanal 9, they achieved a convincing victory in the show “Live Shot”. The members of the jury were so delighted with the musical performances that the band Empathy Soul Project was declared the best band in all series of that competition.


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